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Ballad Of Frankenstein’s Monster on Flickr.

Confused from the moment I took my first breath.
Who was I? What was I? I did not know.
Alone, they locked me in a castle room.
They poked, they bled, they cut, they tortured me.

I can’t stand to see my own reflection
‘cause I see the Monster they tell me that I am.
I never wanted anything but happiness
but what was I supposed to do?

They came at me with hatred and sticks of flame
with faces as cruel as the harshest Winter’s day.
They taught me what it was to feel the cruelest pain.
Well, I never even had a chance.

One day I found a friend to talk to me.
We smoked, we ate, we laughed our days away.
But then they came and they took him from me.
Alone I was again.

I never even had a chance….

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